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FoodAdvisor is an mobile app for navigating dining places and doing social activities based on interests in food.

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Design Goal

To help people have better dining experience

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Target Audience

People don't know what to eat at meal times


Main Features

nevigating food 2-02.png
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Interactive Prototype

This is a high fidelity prototype that user can interact with. Click through the prototype for more experience with different features of FoodAdvisor app.

Design Process


Nowadays, there is huge variety of dining options in different places around the world. Even being around the neighbourhood, sometimes we have no idea on what to have for lunch/dinner. Also, we don't want to have meals alone in restaurant when people sit around the table and enjoy eating with their families/friends. An app that helps navigating dining options would be useful to wide range of audiences and the social features in the app would be desirable too.


Since the app has 2 major features of navigating dining options and socialising with friends, existing applications offering navigation services and social media are used as inspirations.

Existing applications



Google Maps



Information Architecture

Paper Prototype

Yani & Qiqi - IS351 - Paper Prototype 2.
Yani & Qiqi - IS351 - Paper Prototype 3.
Yani & Qiqi - IS351 - Paper Prototype 4.
Yani & Qiqi - IS351 - Paper Prototype 5.
Algorithm flowchart example.png

Project Information:

UI/UX Design                             Year: 2020                              Group Project

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