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Say What You See (SWYS) is a digital activity that facilitates young professionals in emotional management and resolving interpersonal conflicts at the workplace. SWYS utilizes a collaborative drawing interface to encourage people to draw, talk and share about conflicts, and finally reach a common starting point for resolving conflicts.


08/2021 - 12/2021


Figma, Qualtrics, Excel, Zotero


Watson Hartsoe

Tommy Ottolin

Meichen Wei

Qiqi Yang

My Role

UX Designer

  • Led the design and iteration of user flows, wireframes, and prototypes

  • Designed the methods of using prototypes in user evaluations

UX Researcher

  • Conducted literature reviews and the online survey for employers.

  • Did feedback sessions, stakeholder interviews, and user and heuristic evaluations with teammates

  • Analyzed data and generated findings from surveys, interviews, feedback sessions, and user evaluations

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