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GoOutdoor is a mobile app for outdoor activities (e.g. camping) planning for 20s people to improve their physical health.

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Design Goal

To improve physical health for people in their 20s

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Target Audience

General people in their 20s, especially students on campus

Main Features

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User Guide

This is a new user guide that briefly goes through main features of the app.

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Sign Up Activity Plan

User can search and sign up for joining desirable activities other users planned.

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Create New Plan

The feature provides a platform for user to create new outdoor activity plans. The plans can be just view by the user or publish to let other users to see.

Interactive Prototype

This is a high fidelity prototype that user can interact with. Click through the prototype for more experience with different features of GoOutdoor app.

Design Process

Problem Tree Analysis

Analyzed the activities involved with physical well-beings that people in 20s might have. This is the initial ideation for selecting purpose of mobile application to meet design goal.

Then, we created mindmap for the activity selected and other people in the class provided feedback on it.



Students like me don’t have many opportunities to go outside into the nature, doing sports other than going to the gym or do indoor sports on campus. People are always busy with work, school work or stuff at home, so they usually have no time or energy for planning even a day trip for hiking. I think an app that can make quick plans for outdoor events would be helpful. The app can help in different ways, for example, finding a suitable activity site, make reservations on activity sites, guide on safety, packing, weather check etc.


Existing applications




A mobile app provides trip plans and suggestions from local experts and trips are available to be booked.




A mobile app tracks and logs people’s outdoor activities like hiking and skiing, including functions of viewing maps, share location with others, share trip experience

Mind Map

The mindmap shows potential functions and contents for the mobile app. Throughout the design process there are changes to the functions depends on users' needs.

螢幕快照 2020-05-30 下午8.15.53.png

Personas & Empathy Maps

There was a survey conducted on collect people's opinions on doing outdoor activities such as what outdoor activities, frequency and length of time. Personas and empathy maps are created according to survey results for a better understanding on user experience.

mike 拷貝.png

Information Architecture

All features of the app are summarized in this tree diagram, which can provide users a clear image on how the app can be operated.

螢幕快照 2019-11-20 下午12.21.10.png

Paper Prototype 


User Study

User study's participants are campus students aged from 19 to 30.

Following forms and documents are given to participants to do the user study:

-Informed Consent Form                      -Personal Information                        -Task Completion Analysis

-Tasks                                                    -System Usability Scale                      -Feedback Survey

螢幕快照 2019-11-20 上午10.49.08.png
螢幕快照 2019-11-20 上午10.49.19.png

Analysis & Reflection

➔ Try to change a little on spacing and improve interface

       - To make the app not look compacted

➔ Add guide slides for new users

       -  Sometimes, it is a little difficult for users to navigate all the functions in a short time, like finding the packing guide

➔ Provide communication platform after sign up

       - It would be helpful to communicate with travellers in group and the organizer

➔ Provide a link to check the reviews of the outdoor activity place

       - Easier to decide which place to go


Project Information:

Overview: Mobile App, Outdoor Activity Planning

Year: 2019                                       

Role: UX Designer

Type: UI/UX Design

Individual Project      

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